十月的感觉恰到好处. California’s natural plants 和 animals st和 ready to have all the dust rinsed off so they can go about their favorite carefree activities. With no more hunkering down to endure extreme heat, this month they breathe a sigh of relief. 加州的自然园丁也是如此.

加利福尼亚黑橡木显示出第一丝秋天的颜色. 拉古纳山,圣地亚哥县.


As we look at our gardening calendar, we see that today we are solidly planted in a New Year!



Winter – December, January – rain, short cool days, calming dormancy, winter flowers.

Spring – February, March, April – more rain, birds, butterflies, life abounds, abundant flowers.

Pre-Summer – May – farewell cool 和 moist, hello hot 和 dry, transition month.

Summer – June, July, August – judicious watering, long hot days, seeds, summer blooms.

Post-Summer – September – farewell hot 和 dry, hello cool 和 moist, transition month.

现在让我们来谈谈秋季的“许多园艺任务”. Gardening, like farming, is all about performing tasks today that will pay dividends in 3-6 months. 花园前面. 试着不要在日常的事情上“追赶”. 令人惊讶的问题贯穿全年, 像热浪, 寒冷的法术, 过多的雨水, 或者虫害需要立即关注, but most common problems can be avoided by employing preventative measures 3-6 months ahead.


是的. 在下雨之前,不要让你的土地干透. 事实上, 如果你的土壤一直潮湿到14英寸或更多的深度, 在接下来的几周下雨的时候, 水会流入浮油中, 潮湿的孔隙空间, 并贯穿整个深度, giving your plants their first taste in months of fresh water from the clouds. 继续我们今年最后一次的深度浸泡吧. The afternoon Refreshing Sprinkles can be reserved for only the hottest fall afternoons until the rains come. 如果这些术语对你来说是新的,下面是它们的意思:看 浇水 部分 2019年8月, 2021年5月, or 2021年8月


很久以前, 一个老前辈告诉我秋分过后, 地下水位向土壤表面移动. 我有 not investigated this nor googled it to determine its veracity, fact or fiction. 我不想. 请不要觉得有必要为我确认或反驳这个信念. 我有, 50多年来, noticed that willows 和 other creek bed plants in bone-dry watercourses appear more verdant after September 21, 我可以想象我知道原因. 有了这些,我仍然感到满意……我对我的老朋友有美好的回忆.


在这里你可以改善你的花园的外观, 让小鸟飞进或穿过你的大灌木丛, 为春天的新生长做好准备, 在你的花园里度过一段美好时光. 尽情地打开那些像曼扎尼塔一样纠结的稠密灌木, 布什糖, 鼠李, 柠檬汁,浆果和玩具. 在许多情况下, 无论如何,你会更喜欢一个小一点的版本, 更适合你的空间. By thinning (removing entire branches from near the center of the plant) 和 heading back (clipping the tips to manipulate the overall shape of the plant) you can artfully prune your plant so it looks like an old, 野外标本.

许多本地灌木物种的返回, 如有必要, 不要延迟, 否则你明年的花蕾就要被砍掉了. 例如,曼奇尼塔在一月开花. 在这个时候避免修剪花尖或返回曼扎尼塔. In attempting to shape the plants by clipping the tips, you will lose the spring flowers. 海百合在3 / 4月开花, 而且大多数现在还可以修剪, 虽然他们也应该在去年五月返回, 花朵立刻凋谢. 你可以修剪柠檬汁浆果的外部尖端, 布什糖, 常绿树, salvia 和 other shrubs with rampant long (not blooming) branches as necessary.  Overall thinning will not affect flower production on winter/spring flowering plants, 除了稍微改进一下, 因为更多均匀的阳光会照射到你留在植物上的树枝上.

作为一项预防措施, 准备一罐10%的漂白剂, 外用酒精, 或者在修剪时,手边可以喷洒来苏(Lysol)喷雾来清洁剪刀. 这将防止疾病的传播,如果有的话. If you are cutting diseased or questionable branches, dip or spray between each cut. 如果你正在砍伐健康的木材,只需偶尔清理一下. 最后彻底清洗你的工具.

修剪整齐的曼陀罗(Arctostaphylos ‘Dr. 赫德”)标本. The tangled twigs 和 overlapping branches have been removed from the center of the plant in order to “open it up.“生命之树苗圃.


Ok. Eliminate the last of the summer weeds to make room for the first of the winter weeds. 只是开个玩笑. 如果你继续除草的话, 尤其是在一个新花园, this little chore becomes a non-issue because in an older garden you will have achieved a stable, sustainable soil surface where weeds can neither make an assault nor get a stronghold.


In a mature natural garden, you will notice a nice layer of dried leaves building up. 整个夏天,这些叶子从灌木上不断地落下. 在它们的第一个生命里,它们通过光合作用为植物提供食物. 现在它们为根区植物提供食物, 覆盖地面以保持凉爽和潮湿, 然后分解为土壤提供生命,为植物提供养分. 不要把它们耙掉,或者(消灭这个念头)把它们吹走. 它们是珍贵的.

在最近一次去图森的旅行中, my friend Bill Broyles proudly led me on a path in his garden where he has allowed leaves from his desert tree species to accumulate over many years, 提供一个软, 安静的, 缓冲感觉脚下. 索诺兰沙漠的大多数步道都是粗糙的、多岩石的、砾石的、多刺的. 他阴暗的地方, 虽然干, 是让人耳目一新, 他的树木繁茂的, 柔和的地面纹理帮助阴影有意义. 

Remember, if you want to bring in “mulch” from an outside source, first watch our YouTube workshop, “地膜上低矮的泥土.” If you want to apply an imported top dress material you can do it now through November. 底线建议:干净厚实的覆盖物,我.e.; redwood 1/2” walk-on bark is best. Any organic mulch that will lock in on itself, forming an impenetrable mat should be avoided. 如果产物是由所有这些粒子组成的, 不要用它:“棍子, 字符串, 片, 和尘埃.“不好.


Here’s another October garden task that will make both you 和 your plants happy. 使用化肥. 使用一个干, 所有的目的, organic plant food 和 scatter it on your soil surface like you’re feeding chickens. 从来没有喂鸡? 这有点像施肥. 按照袋子上的说明或者稍微少用一点. 如果可能的话, 用一个三叉耕耘机刮掉上面1/2英寸的土壤, 在里面浇水, 意义, 把地浸泡一下,使肥料渗入一点. Hopefully, the rains will take over from there, transporting the nutrients deep into the root zone.


Fungal root rot 和 branch dieback are warm season problems on certain native species in the garden. 我们已经度过了那段时间, 所以清理掉所有残留的患病植物, 清洁你的剪刀, discard the prunings (not in your mulch) 和 look forward to good times ahead. Watch for late season Argentine ants tending their “herds” of mealy bug, scale, 和 aphid. 对许多昆虫来说,秋天就像第二个春天, 在冬天来临之前,它们会造成相当大的伤害.

一般来说, the California natural garden is one where a balance of beneficial insects 和 other predators keeps harmful or injurious insect pests at bay. 如果你发现未诊断的问题, please send a note with pictures to our GardenHelp email address shown at the end of this newsletter. 


这是你一直期待的一个月. October is the perfect time to broadcast annual wildflower seed in specific areas or over your entire garden. Simply scratch up the soil 1/2” deep 和 scatter the seed kinda like feeding chickens. 再一次? 再一次. 参见上面的喂养部分. 来到生命之树,我们有几种混合种子可供选择.


天哪,没有比十月份更好的了. 回到我身边. 你已经等了很久了,现在是播种的最佳时机. We have a huge 和 diverse selection of plants ready to be added into your garden. 别忘了传粉者. 植物落开花如美 一枝黄花, Baccharis, Ericameria, IsocomaEpilobium.


在自然花园里,每天都是美好的一天. We can learn so much in the heat of summer or the cold of winter… but fall 和 spring are the seasons when we review lessons on new life. In the natural garden, October is the month you can do just about anything 和 everything. 事实上, 最好出去走走,至少做点什么, because aside from indiscriminate pruning or violating some basic common-sense horticultural rule, 这个月你几乎不会做什么坏事. The plants are very resilient 和 they are calling for you to touch them 和 interact with them.

我有 actually witnessed a garden go into mourning at the death of its caregiver. We should enjoy the unique reciprocal relationship we have with our own outdoor spaces, 无论大小. 虽然我们可以. 也, 让我们去那些不属于任何人的自然空间, 属于我们所有人, 呼吸着浓郁凉爽的秋天空气. 带一些回家,呼气到你自己的花园, 获得灵感, 使大大小小的植物和生物都有了生命.




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